about us and our biltong

How we started making Biltong

We are Self-confessed Biltong Addicts – We (Anton and Naomi Kleyn) started making our own products in 2006.

Biltong carved and whole
Biltong - beef - kudu - springbok - ostrich - chicken

We had a healthy R6000 extra income by re-selling biltong to our friends and family when we decided we could create a better-quality product ourselves.

We started experimenting with different meats and recipes and soon, we had a winner on our hands!

“The biltong-makers at Kleyn Begin make this company stand out above the rest,” Naomi says, “Our “secret” ingredient is US! Biltong making is not just about cutting a piece of meat, spices and drying – it is about the people behind the scenes, the passion for making biltong. It is a “lonely” world, cutting and spicing meat – meat does not talk back. Our staff is what makes Kleyn Begin Unique.”

Jumbo prawns
jumbo prawns

Today, Kleyn Begin makes biltong in large quantities but only on order. We have Representatives in different areas that buy products to re-sell. Extra cash is always welcome!

“We want to make our biltong available at a great price to each man, woman and child in South Africa. Not only because it tastes so good, but also because of its health benefits. 

Biltong is low in fat and high in protein. It compliments every diet and you feel great after eating a pure piece of great tasting Biltong.